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Referee Information

Referee Assignor Aria Shokoohi 604-363-1912  

General and specific questions should be directed to our Aria Shokoohi 604-363-1912

Important information regarding referee reporting instructions and other important information is listed on this page. Please see Referee Clinics for a complete listing of available Clinics or Courses.

Referee Discipline Reporting

Discipline Reporting & Procedure
Girls cautions & ejections report to:
BC Coastal Girls Discipline:
Paul Van Buekenhout  - 604-657-5605
Boys cautions & ejections report to:
4-District Boys Discipline:
Paul Van Buekenhout  - 604-657-5605
NSYSA - Discipline Drop-Box
1474 Lynn Valley Road
North Vancouver, V7J 2A9
Instructions for both Boys and Girls Discipline:
Please use the BCSA Discipline System at and then click on “Referee” along the top of the page. Then scroll down to "Discipline System" and click on that to enter the Discipline System.
Upon issuing a Red card and ejecting the player(s) retain the I.D. card(s) and deliver them together with your written Referee ejection report to the NSYSA - Discipline Drop-Box at the address above.
Once you have cautioned or ejected a player (or coach, manager) you must follow through with the proper reporting. It is the only way to maintain discipline within our competitive leagues. And reports should be completed within 24 hours.
It is important do this within the next 24 hours so that the player and coach or manager can be advised when to attend her Discipline Hearing and to be reminded that she has to sit out her automatic next game (league or cup).
Note: These instructions do not include games from other Leagues (MSL, BCSPL, WMSL etc.)
Reminder: May I also remind all officials to return the I.D. cards to the managers upon conclusion of your match. We have suffered from several situations where cards were NOT returned leading to a lot of phoning and running around to retrieve these cards for that team’s next game.

Your officiating talents and dedication are much appreciated!
NSYSA Referee-in-Chief ~ September, 2017