NSYSA Board, Leagues, and BC Soccer Links

Below are documents relating to the NSYSA, BC Soccer and Canada Soccer. The documents provided for BC Soccer and CSA are not extensive. We encourage you to review BC Soccer’s website and Canada Soccer, if you are searching for a specific topic.

NSYSA – Bylaws; current as of 2018 – NSYSA-Constitution-Bylaws-2018

NSYSA – New Club Membership for new potential Clubs – NSYSA – New Member Criteria and Application 2nd Draft (2)

NSYSA – Referee Cancellation Policy for Clubs – NSYSA Official Referee Fees Policy FINAL

NSYSA – Small Sided Differences from Laws of the Game – Quick Reference Sheet

BC Coastal Soccer LeagueBCCSL-Rules and Documents

BCSPL – Rules and Regulations – BCSPL Information

BC Soccer Bylaws Rules Regulations