Referees at your Game – Status, No Show Actions, Performance Report

Referee Status for Games this Weekend

Want to know if you have a referee for your game this weekend. Go to

You can see the game location, status and what referees are assigned – green means assigned, no green means we are still searching for a referee. Remember to check here during Cup play to make sure the time and location matches your schedule.

Please forward the link to any users you think would benefit from this. Should you find any discrepancy between this schedule and the schedule your club has provided you, please notify us.

Referee No Show

If your referee is a no-show on the weekend, please send an email to our Referee Assignor Referee Assignor, advising of the game name and time. Unless there was some field confusion, which the referee will have communicated to the assignor, a referee not present at game time is unlikely to have a replacement nearby. You can always ask a referee who is completing a previous game if they would be willing to do yours, but understand that many of them have other commitments.

If you do not have a referee for your game, please see the guidance in No Referee What to do 2022.  Basically each coach or designate referees one half of the game.

Game Cancellations

Coaches are not to move or cancel their scheduled game time/location/field unless they have the prior approval of the league, field schedulers or the Head Referee. In cases of game cancellations prior to game time, please send an email to Referee Assignor, so the assigned referee can be notified.

NSYSA Referee Performance Report

Would you like to give feedback about a North Shore referee? If you are the head coach of a team, you can fill out the following form – Referee Performance Report.  We don’t always reply to say your form is received, unless we have questions or need clarification.

These reports will be reviewed by the NSYSA Referee Department. We have a strong continuous improvement, education, and mentoring mandate and will work to improve all referees through these reports.