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How to become a Referee

Becoming a NSYSA Referee

What is the North Shore Youth Soccer Association (NSYSA)?
  • NSYSA is an affiliate member of BC Soccer Association (BCSA).  Our members include North Shore Girls (NSGSC), North Vancouver (NVFC), West Vancouver (WVSC), Pemberton (PYSA), Squamish (SYSA), Sunshine Coast (SCYSA) and Bowen Island (BIFC).
Who can apply to join the NSYSA Referee Program?
  • Anyone who is 12 years old by September 1;  and
  • Who lives in a North Shore community.
What is the process to get accepted into the NSYSA Referee Program?
  • All new potential referees are strongly encouraged to attend the NSYSA Referee Recruit Orientation in May or June.
  • Small Sided (U9 - U12) - If you are 12 or 13 years old, you will register in the BC Soccer Small Sided Referee Clinic and the NSYSA Season Kick-off Clinic 
  • Entry Level - Full sided (U13 - U18) - If you are 14 years or older, you will register in the BC Soccer Entry Level Referee Clinic and the NSYSA Season Kick-off Clinic
What are the NSYSA Referee Program expectations?
  • Referee at least 3 weekends per month
  • Attend at least 75% of the monthly education sessions (1.5 hours once a month from September - February excluding Dec)
As a NSYSA referee, where and what games can I referee?
  • Centre Referee U9 - U18 and/or Assistant Referee  U13 - U18 home games from WVSC, NVFC and/or NSGSC depending on your experience and skill level.
  • BC Soccer certified referees are qualified to referee anywhere in BC, at their level.
How much can I make as a NSYSA Referee?
  • Small Sided Centre Referees are paid $20 - $30/game depending on age group.
  • Assistant Referees are not used for Small Sided games.
  • Entry Level Centre Referees are paid $$40 - $65/game depending on age group.
  • Entry Level Assistant Referees are paid $20 - $35/game depending on age group.
What are the costs of the Referee Program?
  • No fee to attend the NSYSA Referee Recruit Orientation.
  • $25 to join the NSYSA Referee Program.
  • $45 payable to BC Soccer for the Small Sided Referee Clinic or $135 for the Entry Level Referee Clinic.
  • Referee Equipment (Uniform - jersey, shorts and socks, flags, whistle - Fox 40, watch, cards) cost is approximately $125.
How can I get started?

Why you want to be a NSYA Referee

Why You Want To Be A NSYSA Referee!

If you are a young person, refereeing will develop character and your bank account.  It is a great way to earn some money when you are too young to work at a restaurant or in the mall.

Why is NSYSA Refereeing such a great part-time job?
  • Flexibility! Unlike most part-time jobs you can usually pick when you want to referee.
  • It is an important role requiring commitment and decision-making skills that will impress future employers.
  • Earn you four credits towards high school graduation and can meet the work experience requirement for graduation.
  • Community service work that looks good on resumes, scholarships and post-secondary applications.
  • Develops life skills - self-confidence, leadership and time management.

If you are an adult, refereeing gets you from the sidelines into the action…

  • Help you get in better shape.
  • Great way of staying in the game if you have stopped playing or coaching.
  • A way of giving back to the community.

If you are a family, it’s a chance to play and work together…

  • A great way to spend time together – think of the Centre Referee and Assistant Referees being all from the same family.
  • Something to discuss at the dinner table and improve together.

Now that you are interested, here are some Myths to consider:

Myth 1: Girls cannot be referees.
Fact: Many of our small-sided referees are girls. In fact, some of our top referees are female.

Myth 2: You have to be in great shape.
Fact: You need to be in reasonable condition and you will get in better shape.

Myth 3: Coaches and parents are difficult.
Fact: Sometimes they are, but we work hard to make you confident in your calls and teach you game management skills that reduce the challenges.  Our mentoring program is very active and helps new referees develop quickly.

Myth 4: The rules are complicated.
Fact: There are only 17 laws and the training takes only two days.

Myth 5: You have to be young.
Fact: Not at all – we have referees in their 60’s and 70’s.

For further information please contact:

Lisa Stirling
NSYSA Referee Scheduler