Field Usage

Field Usage Guidelines

Field conditions and usage guidelines  

Fields are our most important and scarce resource. It is critical we treat our fields with care and leave them alone when conditions make them unplayable. Take the time each week to pay attention to the weather and you will be a step ahead in assessing field status for your weekend game.

Grass fields are subject to closure due to excessive rain, frost or ice, and obviously snow. Each week District and City crews assess field conditions and effect field closures or warnings and recommendations. Sometimes their assessments are known early in the week but often the final decision of fields' status is made on Friday morning. Listed below are field status websites and phone numbers for all local municipalities. Grass and Turf field status is usually posted by 1:00pm on Friday. You must use the following website links and phone numbers to check your filed status at least once every week.

Note: Gravel alternate fields are not normally included in weekly field status. When grass fields are closed it is the home coach's responsibility to have knowledge of the gravel alternate field condition and inform opposition and or referee if the alternate field is unplayable. If conditions are extreme, even gravel alternate field closures may be listed and or closed.

Field Status / Closures

Use the following website links and phone numbers to check your field status at least once every week. Boys and Girls Community Cup.